Kirkcaldy filmmaker’s £40,000 target in 30 days

Lawrie Brewster
Lawrie Brewster

A Dysart film maker is using people power to bring his latest project to the big screen.

Lawrie Brewster has launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund his latest film ‘The Unkindness of Ravens’.

Describing the film as a “big step-up’ from his debut, the critically acclaimed ‘Lord of Tears’, Lawrie hopes to raise £40,000 in just 30 days and after just a week is well on the way with almost £15,000 pledged by fans of his unique style of horror.

He said: “Our film represents Scotland’s most ambitious crowdfunding movie, with scenes set in the midst of the war in Afghanistan to supernatural realms and strange worlds.

“The success of this Kickstarter will represent an accomplishment for all indie Scottish filmmakers and would see us attract a massive slate of investment for the arts in Fife that go far beyond the total our Kickstarter campaign suggests.”

Lawrie says Kickstarter is an important resource for independent film makers.

“It allows niche audiences to decide what they want to see, and lets them help bring those projects to life.

“If it weren’t for places like Kickstarter, films like ours that don’t have big named actors or well-known branding would really struggle to get funded and produced. Also, we love the way that Kickstarter lets us connect more closely with our audience – you find a lot of kindred spirits who are hungry for the same kinds of stories as you are, and it really bolsters you through the often lonely and difficult process of making and marketing a movie to know that they’re on the journey with you.

“Finally, since The Unkindness of Ravens is in post-production, we feel like we’ve minimised any risk to our backers, so they can feel good about pre-ordering the film, and in the process, helping the film get finished.”

The film, written by Lawrie’s partner Sarah Daly, is scheduled for release in 2016 and Lawrie hopes to see some local support.

“We really need the support of folks in Fife to help us reach our goal, because if we can then not only can we produce more local films, but can in fact broaden creative and employment opportunities as well as develop a studio facility here.”

You can give your support by visiting and search for The Unkindess of Ravens.