Kirkcaldy flats targeted by teenage vandals

Residents of Parkview flats in Kirkcaldy are being targeted by a group of teens.

The group, thought to be from the area in Valley Gardens, are involved in vandalism and antisocial behaviour.

Having gained entry through a broken rear door, the teens have been throwing paint at flat doors and against the walls, leaving behind a large number of takeaway wrappers in the stairwells and corridors and some have even been urinating in the rubbish chute.

A local resident who lives in the flats, said: “Around seven or more teenagers have been hanging around and causing damage to the flats. It is mostly at night, although I have seen them drinking alcohol through the day as well.

“No one wants to approach them to tell them to leave.”

Despite regular visits from community wardens and the police, it hasn’t deterred the teenagers.

Gordon Hope, Kirkcaldy housing and neighbourhoods team leader, said: “We’ve carried out an inspection of the flats and there’s evidence of unauthorised access.

“There’s minor damage, graffiti and rubbish at the stairs and bin store areas.

“It appears access to the block was gained through a vandalised rear door and urgent repairs are now under way.”

PC John Weir, local community officer, said: “ I am aware that there have been some calls from local residents about youths causing antisocial behaviour in this area.

“We are working with partners to ensure that regular patrols are carried out.

“We would ask anyone who has information regarding the identity of these youths to contact Police Scotland on 101.”