Kirkcaldy folk defend town's soup and coffee!

KIRKCALDY folk have leapt to the town's defence after a website controversially claimed it has no good coffee houses selling homemade soup.

Edward Burns runs and he said Kirkcaldy is 'not the soup capital of Scotland'.

And he claimed he'd ''never seen such a deficit of homely coffee houses'' after a walk through the town last week. Mr Burns made similar remarks about Dysart.

But his views were rubbished by Mike Smith, who is head chef at Nancy Clark's Coffee Shop in Tolbooth Street.

He said: "We make the best soup in Kirkcaldy!

"Lentil is our most popular but we also make carrot and coriander, tomato and basil and potato and bacon. People love our soup. There is a good selection of coffee houses in Kirkcaldy. This website is talking rubbish."

Dennis Alexander, owner of The Pancake Place in Kirk Wynd, which offers good homemade soup and coffee, admitted more choice is needed.

He said: "There have been a few tries at setting up a good coffee place in Kirkcaldy.

In the west end the predecessors to O'Connells tried and got very little response. A few years before that a real coffee shop opened across the road, but it failed. I am hoping that Costa will up the level of expectation."

He added: "More choice is required. The Pancake Place suffers from its location, but we have a lovely regular clientele - we will continue to try and serve them to our best ability."

Mr Burns' controversial comments were also criticised by local politicians.

Town councillor Alice Soper said she was 'quite bemused' by the statements, adding: "On one hand it praises Dysart's attractiveness and our continued manufacture of linoleum, yet it criticises it both for a lack of good soup and coffee!

"The Harbourmaster's House is more than just the caf described in the guide.

"Its visitor centre, for example, has been highly commended by many people and the cafe makes great soup and coffee! I suspect this invitation to comment is purely a marketing ploy to publicise their guide."

Kirkcaldy MSP Marilyn Livingstone added: "There are some excellent coffee shops and restaurants in Kirkcaldy and Dysart.

''This part of Fife has a long tradition of soup making, such as during the miners' strike, and it is inappropriate to make snap judgements about the quality of our local food."