Kirkcaldy foodbank will continue to work with supermarket despite changes to collections

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Bosses at Kirkcaldy Foodbank say they’ll still work with Asda, despite sweeping changes in store for the supermarket’s charity set-up.

Staff at Dysart St Clair Parish Church say they will continue to liaise with Asda’s local branch in Carberry Road.

The supermarket chain – which last week posted its worst ever quarterly sales slump – sparked fears when it announced it would be changing the format for collections on behalf of foodbanks at branches UK-wide.

It was reported by some media that Asda was axing all of its foodbank collection points in a cost-cutting measure, as it feared competition from discount stores such as Lidl and Aldi.

The chain said it was asking foodbank volunteers to come into stores and explain to customers where their contributions were going.

Asda is also in line to scrap the current version of its green token scheme, in which shoppers influenced donations to local charities by dropping plastic coins in collection boxes.

A spokesman said the scheme was being changed and updated, and a replacement would be announced soon.

It was also investing £2m into the charity revamp, which, he added, contradicted the cost-cutting claims.

Ian Campbell, chairman of Kirkcaldy Foodbank (KFB), said it had received “considerable support” and “nothing but generosity and charity” from the local Asda.

“Whatever the reason for the national decision, KFB has a really worthwhile and fruitful relationship with our local Asda, not only with (its community champion) Jean Ritchie, but also with many other staff members in the store who engage with our volunteers,” he added.

“KFB will continue to build upon the good relationships we enjoy with our local Asda store and look forward to working with it in the future.”

An Asda spokesman said new guidelines were being introduced to make things fair and consistent for all the charities it supported and so community champions could make the best use of their time: “Food banks are very welcome to collect donations in Asda if volunteers are on hand to explain to customers where their donations are going, which we know increases the amount of food donated.”