Kirkcaldy girl’s night as a dancing teacake!

Lisa Robertson (right) in action at the opening ceremony
Lisa Robertson (right) in action at the opening ceremony

Dancing on a whisky barrel, dressing as a giant tea cake and being possessed by Nessie was all in a night’s work for one Kirkcaldy woman.

Dance teacher Lisa Robertson (23) was given the opportunity to take part in the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games last week.

She answered an advertisement on the internet looking for dancers and actors of all ages and experiences to come along to a mass open audition for a chance to take part in the Commonwealth opening ceremony last week.

Along with around 5000 other hopefuls from across Scotland, she danced and acted hoping to be picked by the judges.

She was finally chosen along with 2000 others for a part in the ceremony.

She said: “I have been dancing for many years, having trained at the Gail Neish Dance Studio, and have taken part in in many different performances, but nothing compared to the feeling of representing my country on the opening night.

“Every moment of the whole night was like as dream for me.

“I still can’t believe that it was me up there dancing with so many talented people and celebrities.

“I had small parts throughout the whole ceremony and it was great to play many different characters.

“From being one of the now infamous dancing tea cakes, playing porridge oats as a bagpipe to being a bride in Gretna Green.

“The best part for me was performing on a whisky barrell as John Barrowman mentioned the Kingdom of Fife - it all just seemed to fall perfectly in to place.

“I had a fantastically good time and I couldn’t have asked for anything more.”

Lisa, who attended Viewforth High School, is a trained dancer and has been dancing since she was around two-years-old so she knew that it would be hard work but that it would all be worthwhile.

“We had many practice sessions including in costume, to make sure that everything would be perfect on the night,” Lisa continued.

“I think there were around 77 hours of rehearsals in all from the first day at the audition to all the way to the finale on Wednesday night.

“The whole experience, the friendships made and the personal development that I gained is incredible and was definitely all worth it when you saw the end result and how much everyone enjoyed the show.”

“To be able to work with Jack Morton, who was chosen to produce the opening ceremony and who has worked with so many famous people, as well as some of the world’s best choreographers, it really has been an experience of a lifetime. I am so glad that I took part and was given the chance to do so.”