Kirkcaldy girl’s walk for water

Gemma (on shoulders) walked with friends and family.
Gemma (on shoulders) walked with friends and family.

A young Kirkcaldy girl was so moved by a television advert showing African children drinking dirty water that she decided she wanted to do something about it.

Seven-year-old Gemma Ewing was shocked to hear that children the same age as herself had to walk up to eight miles to get clean drinking water.

So she decided to raise some money to help the charity WaterAid build some more wells.

And she recruited her grandpa, Stuart Cowan, from Crombie, to help.

Mr Cowan has taken part in charity walks before, so Gemma asked him to plot a route that was roughly the same eight mile distance that African youngsters have to cover.

Last Saturday, Gemma led a 13 strong group of family and friends on a sponsored walk along the Fife Coastal Path from Kirkcaldy to Aberdour.

So far, thanks to her efforts, the primary three pupil at Strathallan Primary School has raised around £500 for the charity.

Speaking after the walk, Gemma said: “I didn’t like seeing young babies drinking dirty water and asked my mum if she’d help me to raise some money.

“We decided to do the walk as that’s what those children have to do every day to get clean water.

“My grandpa helped me to plan the route and we had a great time doing the walk.

“I’d like to thank everyone who has given me a donation so far.

“It’s great to know we’re helping to build more wells so African children can get clean water too.”