Kirkcaldy High Street parking return ‘not ruled out’:

The pedestrianised area often lacks pedestrians. Picture: JP
The pedestrianised area often lacks pedestrians. Picture: JP

Is it time to re-think pedestrianisation in the town centre?

While a motion from Tory councillors was kicked out at Tuesday’s area committee meeting, councillors have stressed that nothing is ruled out.

The High Street was pedestrianised in 1988 – a controversial move at the time.

Thirty years on, it is back in the headlines as the debate over parking and access to shops – specifically in light of the M&S closure announcement – has reignited.

The commiteee rejected the motion because it asked for a plethora of reports which could not be delivered within the timescale requested.

But Councillor Neil Crooks, chairman, said afterwards: “We are engaging on an economic plan for the town centre including car parking, and no issue will be ruled out until it has been through some scrutiny and cost benefit analysis.”

He accepted there was a discussion to be had on the issue, adding: “Kirkcaldy4All and ourselves always felt pedestrianisation allowed for a safer family friendly shopping experience – but what we have is not full pedestrianisation.”

He said all possible options needed full analysis and input from the public.

He added: “We are committed to removing Sunday car parking charges and looking at parking from a local area perspective.

“The data to allow that process to have any meaningful dialogue was requested last year and we are in a position to start round table discussions through the Kirkcaldy’s Ambitions Partnership very soon.”

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