Kirkcaldy High Street TRO is coming... but chaos continues until then

Fife Council will soon take charge of policing traffic on Kirkcaldy's notoriously unpredictable High Street.
Cars backed up in the pedestrianised zone of Kirkcaldy High StreetCars backed up in the pedestrianised zone of Kirkcaldy High Street
Cars backed up in the pedestrianised zone of Kirkcaldy High Street

The Traffic Regulation Order, which will see control of monitoring parking in the town centre change hands from Police Scotland to the local authority, will finally come into force by the end of May at the latest.

The council will take over once new signs are put in place, but one disabled campaigner says that the street is currently in a state of chaos, and blue badge holders, who are allowed to park in the pedestrianised area of the High Street all day on Tuesday and before noon on all others, are being unfairly blamed.

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He said: “Every second car on the High Street does not have a blue badge, this means that people who are disabled are not able to park.

“I did a little investigating of my own, as much as I am able, as I am disabled myself.

“There were nine cars parked opposite the TSB on the High Street. When I checked four cars had a blue badge - but five did not.

“Quite frankly at the moment cars used by the disabled are being outnumbered by those who should not be parking there.

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“I stood and watched another three cars come onto the street driven by young people who didn’t have a blue badge.”

Mr Galloway says that Fife Council and Police Scotland are jointly to blame for the confusion.

“The authorities have allowed this situation to arise. “It’s their job to enforce the parking down there, but they are not doing it.

“They are quick enough to tackle drivers at the swimming pool, so why not on the High Street?

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“It’s out of control at the moment, and is totally unfair on disabled drivers.”

Ian Smith, lead professional, traffic management (Mid Fife), said: “Traffic control is currently a police issue and they will continue to enforce the access restrictions.

“However, Fife Council will enforce the waiting restrictions within the pedestrianised zone when the signage for the new parking zone is in place.

“This should be in place in April or May 2016.”

A spokesman for Police Scotland said they will continue to monitor the situation.

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“Local officers are monitoring traffic issues, where operational demands allow, in the High Street.

“If you park in a disabled bay without an appropriate permit you may be subject to enforcement action, such as a fine.

“We’d urge drivers to be mindful of pedestrians and other road users when travelling and parking in this area.”