Kirkcaldy hosts first comic con this weekend

Comic cons bring many cosplay fans.
Comic cons bring many cosplay fans.

Kirkcaldy’s first comic con kicks off this weekend, with sci-fi fans flocking to the Adam Smith theatre.

Fans, many dressed as their favourite comic or film character, will arrive to see a number of special guests, along with assorted retailers and like-minded enthusiasts.

Among the treats on offer will be a showing of Shooting Clerks – the real-life story of how Kevin Smith became an overnight success with his big break comedy film Clerks.

It comes after similar successful events held in Glenrothes and Dunfermline, which have grown steadily over the last few years.

Organising the Kirkcaldy event is Andrew Magee of Kingdom Comics and Games, which is based in the east end of the High Street.

He said the event will cater for a wide range of interests.

He said: “It’s not just comics, there’s films, games, artists, and traders, people who make artisan stuff – a lot of beaituful things going on sale.

“We have the showing of Shooting Clerks, which is made by a guy from Dundee - they’ve been all over the world with it now, they’re just back from San Diego Comic Con; the biggest in the world.

“It’s a very local event, we have some local artists, cosplay, a Nerf blaster range, and a breakout area at the back with some computer game setups, along with some tabletop war gaming.”

Fifers who may have been disappointed at the cancelation of an event in Dunfermline during this year’s blizzards will be able to get their fix at Kirkcaldy’s comic con.

“The response from the public has been pretty good. One of the best small conventions in the country is in Fife, in Dunfermline. This year unfortunately they were snowed out and didn’t manage to go ahead.

“It’s going to be a nice event for Kirkcaldy, because we haven’t really had anything like this. Even Glenrothes has had two years of conventions.

“There’s obviously a lot of interest in it in Fife, and in Kirkcaldy.

“The popularity of it is growing off the back of the Marvel movies, and the DC movies, and things like that. Tabletop gaming is also becoming more popular. It’s an expanding industry, and we try and cater for them all here.

“This should be quite a big weekend, as there’s a lot on in Kirkcaldy this weekend. This should bring people from all over Fife, so it’s going to be good for the local area.

“I’ve done events like this as a trader before and I know from experience that the more money people pay to get into an event, the less they spend inside the event, so I’ve made it as cheap as possible for people.

The Kirkcaldy Comic Con will take place on Saturday, August 4, at the Adam Smith Theatre, between 11am and 5pm. Tickets cost £1.