Kirkcaldy man is only here for the beer (tins) ...

Alex Drummond with some of his vast collection of beer cans
Alex Drummond with some of his vast collection of beer cans
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A Kirkcaldy man has a unique collection in the form of thousands of beer cans.

Alex Drummond (58) a retired painter and decorator, who also volunteers at the Ecology Centre in Kinghorn, started keeping a hold of his used cans as a teenager.

He first featured in The Press over 25 years ago with his unusual collection and Alex has seen it almost double in size since then.

“I started saving beer cans when I was about 17,” said Alex. “I was having a drink with my dad one night and we put our empty cans on the mantle piece and it quite simply just grew from there, really.

“I’ve been acquiring cans for 41 years now and at last count I had well over 6000.”

Counting some of the rarest and most sought after cans as part of his vast collection, Alex has even been offered over £1000 from a Swedish collector for just a single can but he decided not to part with it.

“The oldest that I have is a 1964 Tennants can. It even has a recipe on the back! They certainly don’t make then like that now.

“I would say that that one is probably my favourite out of all my collection,” Alex continued.

“I have a limited edition Stella Artois can which was made to mark the solar eclipse a few year ago. Its pure black and only 1000 were produced at the time, so I’m lucky to have it.

“I also have a Carling “find the gold” can, so its not just the usual every day ones that are in my collection.

“Collecting beer cans was hugely popular throughout the 1970s. In fact, it was the fastest growing collectible item of the decade. Its really huge in America, they even have a convention similar to Comic Con,” he added.

Alex’s collection may be large by some standards but American Jeff Lebo has over 83,000 stored in a custom made house.

“Mine isn’t that big but I am beginning to run out of space in my spare room!” he said.

“That’s why I’ve decided to put the majority of the cans in boxes and store them up in the attic - but I could never throw them away.”

As well as collecting beer cans, Alex has also accumulated a large amount of vinyl over the years.

He said: “I must have been about 12 or so when I first heard Bob Dylan and that was it for me.

“I used to go to Bruce’s record shop which was on Whytescauseway in Kirkcaldy and buy a record or two each week.

“I now have about 2000 at the last count and countless numbers of cds.”

“I love the sound that you get, its a better quality and I have an excellent stereo,” Alex continued. “If I have to, I’ll buy CDs of which I have over 1000, but I do prefer vinyl.

“But they are something that I definitely won’t be boxing up!” he added.