Kirkcaldy man’s ‘living hell’ after flood of scam mail

Shredded scam mail of John Reilly
Shredded scam mail of John Reilly

A Kirkcaldy man has said his life is being made a living hell after being deluged with scam letters and cold callers.

John Reilly, a resident at Woodland’s Walk in Dunnikier Caravan Park, said he is receiving up to seven or eight scam letters through his door six days a week, which have come from all over the world.

I shred everything and I’m constantly filling bags with them

John Reilly

“It’s starting to get me down,” he said.

“I shred everything and I’m constantly filling bags with them. I’ve tried phoning but all you get is a machine.”

Mr Reilly said the letters, which claim he has won a cash prize and ask for an admin fee, have been sent to his address from as far away as Hong Kong, New Zealand and Australia.

“I know one of my neighbours is getting the letters too, and I also get cold calls all the time.”

Alan Hamilton, trading standards service manager for Fife Council said it had not received any complaints about this spate of junk mail but that people should be on their guard.

“If it sounds too good to be true it probably is,” he said. “If you’re contacted out of the blue about something you should always be suspicious. If you haven’t entered a competition or bought a ticket you can’t win a prize - and you shouldn’t have to pay anything to get a prize.

“It’s vital that people don’t reply to scammers. Never give out your bank details, personal information or send money. Just ignore and recycle this kind of mail.”

Ronit Wolfson, Royal Mail spokeswoman, said: “We very much understand the upset and anxiety that scam mail can cause, in particular to vulnerable people and their families.

“People who want to make us aware of potentially fraudulent mail can write to Royal Mail at Freepost Scam Mail or call us on 03456 113 413 or email”