Kirkcaldy Mosque open day hailed as success

The open day at the Kirkcaldy Mosque was well attended on Sunday. All pics by George McLuskie.
The open day at the Kirkcaldy Mosque was well attended on Sunday. All pics by George McLuskie.

The Kirkcaldy Central Mosque opened its doors to the public for an open day on Sunday.

Approximately 150 people attended the event, among them were the Bishop of St Andrews David Chillingworth, David Torrance MSP and Roger Mullin MP, as well as Fife police officers and teachers from local schools.

Stalls were set up around the main hall of the Mosque. Henna painting, trying on head scarves, hats, turbans, and even having your name written in Arabic were among many activities. A prayer demonstration was conducted for everyone to observe.

The Imams delivered PowerPoint presentations on various aspects of the Mosque and the current development of the new building.

Rev Chillingworth said: “I am delighted to be here. I am really pleased that so many people from our church community in Kirkcaldy are also here.

“We’re interested in building warm relationships of respect, in which we can help and support each other.

“We are all people of faith and it is important we work together.”

The Mosque education curriculum was also on display, with books including ‘I am a British Muslim: My Rights and Responsibilities’ which teaches a contextual 21st century Islam to students.

The Imams explained that their aim was to make Islam relevant to 21st century Britain. Children who came to learn were given a modern, academic and a very broad minded version of Islam.

Almost all attendees had never visited a mosque before and were fascinated by what they saw.

Feedback forms were completed and handed in and majority of the feedback was positive and showed how beneficial and welcoming the open day was. People mentioned on forms that they were in a friendly environment, they learned new things about Islam and were interested about plans for the new mosque. Others mentioned that they found every aspect of the day interesting and useful.

David Torrance MSP said he impressed with the turnout from the local community.

“It shows an insight into Islam and how the Muslim community open up and reach out to everybody.

“Scotland is a very integrated society and it should be really proud of it. We should be proud of how we have integrated everybody, including migrants from all over the world.

“Today’s event shows the best of this, particularly of how the mosque can open up and welcome the entire community.

“This is shown simply by the absolutely fantastic turnout, it really shows what happens in the mosque, rather than behind closed doors and to me that’s a great success.”

The Imams stressed on the point that the Mosque was open to the entire community, regardless of race or religion. Plans for a community centre were shared more open days will be held in the future.

The next initiative will be an Anti-Extremism and Peace conference which will be held in Kirkcaldy. The Imams said that this is a topic of great importance in the current climate and requires insight and clarity.

Roger Mullin MP called the event “a wonderful day”, adding: “It is so heartening to see so many members of the local public turn up to a wonderful event, coming together as one community, to see and learn about the peaceful religion Islam is.

“I hope this event is the first of many, and as the local MP, I will continue to do all I can, to create one singular community.”