Kirkcaldy MP caught up in Westminster attacks

Roger Mullin MP
Roger Mullin MP

A Kirkcaldy MP is in lock down in the House of Commons after a man was shot by police as he tried to gain entry to the Palace of Westminster.

Witnesses described seeing a car crash into the perimeter fence on Westminster Bridge, hitting pedestrians, before the driver ran towards police officers guarding parliament.

Kirkcaldy MP Roger Mullin, who was at the entrance to Westminster Hall, said he didn’t see the incident but clearly heard shots nearby.

Along with others, he was quickly told by security staff to lock themselves indoors.

Calling from inside the chambers, he said: “I heard a number of shots, it sounded like three or four from an automatic weapon – which presumably were fired by police at the assailant of the police officer.

“As you can imagine there was anxiety here about the nature of the attack and we then learned there were other incidents, including cars running at people at Westminster.

He added: “The security people were terrific. They immediately rounded people up and told them to get inside the building somewhere.”

“Most people are quite calm but, of course, it was a shock.”

Reports describe how onlookers saw a man armed with a knife attacking police officers at the gate before being shot.

One police officer has been stabbed in the incident at about 2.45pm.

There were reports that a car ploughed into pedestrians on Westminster Bridge just before the incident leaving up to a dozen injured.

Minutes after the incident an emergency helicopter landed in Parliament Square as sirens were heard ouside. Air ambulance medics ran from the helicopter towards the casualties on the ground.

There were reports that multiple people had been injured.

Mr Mullin, commenting on terrorism generally, said: “It can happen anywhere. It’s the world we are in, sadly.”