Kirkcaldy MSP hits out at ‘bedroom tax’

Dave Torrance MSP
Dave Torrance MSP
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A NEW ‘bedroom tax’ which will hit thousands on housing benefit has been slammed by a local MSP.

The new UK tax, which comes into force in April, could see tenants being up to £65 a week worse off.

David Torrance said: “It is obvious to me that its implementation will have a significant impact on many of my constituents.

“When this comes into force, 39 per cent of people in Fife currently on housing benefit will be classified as ‘under occupying’.

“This accounts for approximately 12,500 households.”

Under the new rules, a single person or couple in a two-bedroom house will see their benefit reduced by 14 per cent, and those with two or more spare bedrooms will be cut by 25 per cent.

In real terms, that represents a cut of between £27 and £65 per week.

Mr Torrance continued: “This is undoubtedly going to affect many families in my constituency and cause them worry and unnecessary hardship.

“It will in fact probably be much worse as these statistics do not reflect the figures for private rentals.”

He added: “Even more worrying is the fact that amongst the hardest hit will be those with disabilities.

“A Government which passes legislation that will have such a drastic impact on some of the most vulnerable sectors of society to repair the damage that their failing austerity measures have had on the UK economy, needs to re-examine its policies.”