Kirkcaldy OAP convicted after antifreeze cat death

Shadow died after ingesting contaminated chicken
Shadow died after ingesting contaminated chicken

A Kirkcaldy man has been convicted of illegally poisoning a cat by leaving out chicken contaminated with antifreeze.

Norman Fairfull (74) of Harris Drive, was fined £200 at Kirkcaldy Sheriff Court yesterday (Tuesday) for the crime, which experts say posed a danger to children.

The pensioner pled guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to a cat by placing a quantity of chicken meat contaminated with antifreeze, contrary to the Animal Health and Welfare (Scotland) Act 2006.

An undercover Scottish SPCA inspector said: “Fairfull had placed contaminated cooked chicken within his garden, which was in easy reach of animals and also a potential danger to any children passing by.

“The cat, who was under two years old and named Shadow, was taken to a vets where he was found to be suffering from brain damage and organ failure.

“Sadly the only option was for him to be put to sleep to prevent any further pain and distress and his owners were understandably devastated when they learned of his fate.

“Unfortunately the illegal poisoning of cats is widespread throughout Scotland and antifreeze is commonly used, causing tremendous levels of suffering and often death to animals such as cats, dogs, foxes, badgers and birds.”

He appealed to anyone with information about the deliberate poisoning of animals to contact the Scottish SPCA in confidence on 03000 999 999.”