Kirkcaldy Post Office to move into new Postings site

The post office will be moving site
The post office will be moving site

Kirkcaldy’s main Post Office is set to move site within a few weeks - because Tesco has had a change of mind.

The firm, which axed its Hunter Street supermarket earlier this month, previously vowed to keep its existing Post Office branch open until the end of the year.

However, despite reporting record-breaking losses of £6.4bn this week, the firm has said it will foot the bill to move the facility to an alternative shop front location in the Postings.

The change of policy, which has been accepted by the Post Office, was confirmed in a letter to Gordon Brown by Tesco boss Dave Lewis.

Mr Brown said: “I approached Dave Lewis of Tesco for assurances and have been in touch with the Post Office.

“The change was not the original plan put forward by Tesco, when we met and Mr Lewis has confirmed that we had an agreement the post office would stay but he feels his offer to pay for the post office to stay in the Postings is the best way forward.”

Tesco, which employed a temporary agency to run the postal franchise after the supermarket closed, was forced to keep an access route open through the supermarket from Hunter Street to comply with disability law.

However, the Press understands the route requires security guard surveillance and hinders the potential for landlords to lease the site to new occupiers.

As an alternative, Tesco has agreed to pay all removal expenses and give the Post Office rent free accommodation in the Postings for the rest of the year.

The branch previously served 4000 residents, mainly elderly people, every week but suffered a marked downturn in footfall since Tesco closed on April 4.

A number of future options for a central Kirkcaldy PO site have been proposed.

“I know the Post Office has other long term plans it is discussing to be in the High Street itself but for the moment it will stay in the Postings,” said Mr Brown.

“We have always said that the bottom line is keeping the post office as the main post office in the centre of the town and my colleague Councillor Kenny Selbie has promised that this will be central to everything he does in the next few years.”