Kirkcaldy ‘prepared for potential terrorist attacks’

Experts have been helping prepare Kirkcaldy in the event of a terrorist attacks
Experts have been helping prepare Kirkcaldy in the event of a terrorist attacks

Officers from Fife Preventions team hosted an awareness-raising event this week to help proprietors of Kirkcaldy’s night-time economy prepare for potential terrorist attacks.

The event, part of Operation Argus and held in partnership with Kirkcaldy4All, took place in Society on Tuesday to build awareness within local businesses of terrorism issues.

Kirkcaldy business leaders took part in a table top exercise based on the experience of individuals and organisations who have been involved in live incidents.

The scenario highlighted the requirement to be prepared although there is no specific threat to the communities of Fife.

Project Argus forms an integral part of the national counter terrorism strategy and was facilitated by trained counter terrorism security advisors.

The businesses of the night time economy in Kirkcaldy were all keen to be best prepared to help their communities tackle such threats. The event highlighted the need for business, no matter their size, to ensure they have adequate plans in place to respond to and recover from any large scale disruption and the impact on business resilience that any emergency could potentially have.

Bill Harvey of Kirkcaldy 4 All said: “I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Police Scotland for hosting such an informative event.

“The advice given dealt with counter-terrorism as well as how the night-time economy can be prepared and have the necessary plans in place to cope during other major incidents.

“I’m sure that those who attended would have benefited from the day.”

Constable Gary Kenhard of Fife Police Preventions team said: “Argus offers businesses an opportunity to comprehend the threat we face and consider ways to help prevent, handle and recover from a terrorist attack.” The comments from those in attendance found it a valuable learning experience and they learned how to effectively protect their business and our communities in the face of the terrorist threat.”

Inspector Jane Combe, head of Fife Police Prevention Team, said: “Although there is no specific threat to the communities of Fife, Argus provides on opportunity to raise awareness and learn together so we can be prepared for any eventuality. Unfortunately these threats are real and our communities play a key role to play in helping prevent them. The night time businesses in Kirkcaldy are playing their part in effectively combating this threat.”

Support and advice is available to assist businesses in their planning and response if required, both from Police Scotland Counter Terrorism Security Advisors and associated partners. If you require any further information please contact police by telephoning 101.