Kirkcaldy prepares for return of Links Market

Fun at the Links Market
Fun at the Links Market

Seawall contractor moves along Prom to make way for annual show

Europe’s longest street fair is preparing to roll into town once again - but it won’t be affected by the work to redevelop Kirkcaldy’s ageing seawall.

The heavy machinery will be moved out of the way asaround 120,000 people are expected to enjoy the centuries-old event this year.

The market officially opens on Kirkcaldy’s Esplanade at 2.00 p.m. on Wednesday, April 16, and runs for six days until the following Monday.

Work on phase two of the £9million seawall project will continue at the northern end of the Esplanade during the market’s short stay.

The opening of Morrisons’ supermarket means the road closures - traditionally at the roundabout at the end of Esplanade - will also change this year.

Fife Council and the Showmen’s Guild have held talks to finalise plans .

Council officers have also co-ordinated shifting the machinery and compound for the seawall further down the Esplanade to make way for the rides.

It has been moved south past the site office based opposite Volunteers’ green.

Murray Scott, Fife Council’s project manager on the scheme, told The Press: “That car park is not used by the showmen’s accommodation vehicles.

‘‘The workmen have been clearing away any equipment and materials so they won’t be in the way for the market setting up.

‘‘Work going on at the southern end of the Esplanade will stop while the market 
is here but work on the wall 
at the northern end will continue as it won’t have an impact.”

The Showman’s Guild and the market operators will have access to the south section of the Prom at Nicol Street as usual.

Meetings have taken place between the Council, the contractor and the Showman’s Guild to discuss emergency access.”

With the Prom ready for the sights and sounds of the carnival once more, operators should start arriving in town soon.

One of the main attractions will be the 40m-high Mark2 Bomber ride - one aimed at the thrill-seekers.

Log glumes are also back after a two-year absence.

Alex Colquhoun, chairman of the Scottish section of the Showmen’s Guild, said: ““There will be the usual mix of traditional children’s rides, waltzers, dodgems and carousels.

‘‘We are hoping for good weather and we will have a police presence as well as using a private security firm because we expect it to be busy on Easter weekend.”

The showman will park up in various locations including the old Stagecoach bus depot on the Esplanade, Seafield picnic area and an area behind Nicol Street as well as sites owned by private businesses in town.