Kirkcaldy residents’ campaign for new children’s play area

Karen Gorman. Jim Skimmings and Claire Smith are among those campaigning for a new play park
Karen Gorman. Jim Skimmings and Claire Smith are among those campaigning for a new play park

Residents from a Kirkcaldy housing estate are campaigning for a brand new play park for their area.

Capshard Estate Playpark Action Group wants a replacement for the existing children’s playground, which is now over 35 years old.

The play area as it is now is a large grassy field with an old seesaw, roundabout - a recently replaced second-hand one - and rusty climbing frames, all of which look old, tired and unappealing to children.

The protective mats around the equipment are no longer soft to prevent against any falls and the ground is littered with broken glass.

The surrounding area is also overgrown with hedges and bushes.

Jim Skimmings (64), who has lived in the estate for many years and is heading the campaign, said: “The playground we have at the moment, which is at the top of the scheme and away from any traffic, is in an ideal location.

‘‘However, it is really in need of a refurbishment.

“We are looking to raise money ourselves by either applying for a lottery grant or some other funding to provide a nice and safe family environment, but we know that won’t be easy.

“I have grandchildren myself, which is part of the reason I started this campaign.

“I just want them to have somewhere to play to be able to enjoy it as well as other children for many years to come.”

Claire Smith (37), also from Capshard, added: “We don’t want children in the area to have to go far from home just to be able to play.

“We don’t want them to have to cross busy roads and parents shouldn’t have to take the car just to have somewhere for us to spend time as a family when we have what could be a really nice area close to home.”

Councillor Neil Crooks, who has been working alongside the residents in their campaign, said: “I was aproached by local residents about the playpark at Capshard and received a petition with over 100 signatures supporting some investment in the park. I am delighted that people in the local community want to do something positive for themselves. As a local counclllor I will do all I can to support them.

“The Council unfortunately has limited funds and communities need to see what other funding is available. Let’s see what people power can do and if they can get quick results for their youngsters.”