Kirkcaldy residents kick up stink at overflowing bins

Overflowing recycling bins at Dunvegan Avenue
Overflowing recycling bins at Dunvegan Avenue

Overflowing recycling bins on a Kirkcaldy housing estate are again making lives a misery for nearby residents.

The unsightly, noisy and smelly problem has once again reared its head at the recycling facility at Dunvegan Avenue, with the four bins constantly overflowing and carrier bags of waste building up in piles in front.

Residents say that after a brief period where the problem seemed to be under control, it is now back to its worst.

And the recent hot spell just made things even worse, with clouds of flies congregating on the discarded waste.

Julie Gibson, a homeowner in the street, said: “The four bays are constantly overflowing and it is a real mess there right now.

“People come along and, even if there is no room, they will just dump their carrier bags at the front rather than take them somewhere else.

“I’ve been on to the council quite a few times and asked for someone to call me back.

‘‘They are supposed to be emptying them every second day, after the problems we experienced last year, but there’s no way they are filling up that quickly.

‘‘I don’t believe they are being emptied often enough.

“I have been working night shift and I come out to do my recycling and it’s full.

‘‘I have a recycling facility right on my doorstep, yet I have to drive my recycling up to Sainsbury’s to dispose of it. It’s ridiculous.”

David Baker, Fife Council’s commercial services officer, said: “We recently reorganised a number of our recycling collection routes.

‘‘During the changeover, there was a two week period that recycling was only collected from Dunvegan Avenue once a week instead of the usual two collections per week.

‘‘Unfortunately, because Dunvegan Avenue is such a popular recycling point, it meant the bins started to overflow.

“We’ve now finalised all the route changes and will collect from Dunvegan Avenue recycling point twice per week, on Saturdays and Wednesdays.

‘‘Hopefully this will relieve the pressure on this popular facility.”