Kirkcaldy’s Valentine’s Day rally to save Tesco store

Town House - Kirkcaldy -  Fife - 'Public Meeting to discuss Tesco Closure -  Cllr Neil Crooks addresses members of the public outside the main hall - ' Credit  - FPA -
Town House - Kirkcaldy - Fife - 'Public Meeting to discuss Tesco Closure - Cllr Neil Crooks addresses members of the public outside the main hall - ' Credit - FPA -

Kirkcaldy is planning to send a Valentine’s Day love letter to Tesco in a bid to save the town’s store from closure.

Campaigners have organised a special rally in the Town Square on Saturday at 10.00 a.m. and want as many locals and customers to come along to get the message across that we love OUR Tesco.

The Hunter Street store is earmarked for closure on April 4 with up to 189 jobs at risk.

Tesco’s announcement sparked a huge backlash with politicians joining staff and the wider community in a concerted effort to get the closure date at least postponed to give it time to put forward proposals to chief executive Dave Lewis.

The closure plan also impacted on the Post Office which is now looking for an alternative site in the town centre.

With the issue still dominating the agenda, an idea for a special rally and video message, first raised at the packed public meeting, has now been taken on board by Fife Council and Fife College.

The organisations are urging folk to turn out in number on Saturday for the special event - and to show Tesco

Cllr. David Ross, Leader of Fife Council, said: “We understand the difficulties Tesco are facing but we need them to understand that, for Kirkcaldy, Tesco isn’t just another supermarket, it is a town centre hub for many of our most vulnerable citizens.

“The town centre location and proximity to the bus station, along with the café and the Post Office mean it is easily accessible to those reliant on public transport. It also provides a focus and a meeting point for many people.

“We are supporting this gathering to help the local population make their voices heard and to show Tesco the strength of feeling there is in the town. We want them to work with us to try to find a solution which benefits everyone.”

The rally has cross-party support - it was first suggested by Councillor Marie Penman (SNP).

Cllr. Neil Crooks, Kirkcaldy area committee chairman, said: “I don’t know if Tesco management fully understand the impact this closure will have on the whole town. That’s why we are doing our best to convey the deeply held feelings of the local people. We are doing all we can to encourage them to reconsider.

“This rally will help bring together individuals, local businesses and a number of different community organisations so that we can shout with one voice that we need the store to remain open.”

>> What to do

1. Support the rally! Be at the Town Square at 10.00 a.m. on Saturday

2. Send YOUR letter to Dave Lewis urging him to reconsider - you’ll find the letter in the Fife Free Press in all shops.

3 Sign the in-store petition

4. Sign the petition at -search for ‘Kirkcaldy Tesco’