Kirkcaldy Sand Races cancelled

Kirkcaldy Sand Races 2013
Kirkcaldy Sand Races 2013

A popular racing event which drew thousands of spectators to Kirkcaldy’s seafront has been cancelled.

The Kirkcaldy Sand Races which were scheduled to be held on September 19 will not go ahead this year after only a handful of entries were received by organisers Kirkcaldy and District Motor Club.

The 2013 event drew large crowds

The 2013 event drew large crowds

The event, which in its heyday during the 1930s and 40s attracted tens of thousands of spectators, was resurrected in 2012 and proved a popular attraction in the town.

The original Sand Races started in the late 1920s until 1948, when Kirkcaldy Motor Club began a Grand Prix race event in the town’s Beveridge Park. Bikes continued to race on the beach until 1972.

Last year more than 5000 people turned out to watch the event which, as well as the motorbike racing on the beach, featured trade and club stands, trials and mini moto displays, custom and classic, road and race bikes.

It was supported by Kirkcaldy4All and Digby Brown Solicitors, with local motorbike suppliers and families of former racers putting up trophies.

The Sand Races during the 1930s

The Sand Races during the 1930s

A statement issued by the Motor Club following a crunch decision meeting which took place last night (Wednesday), said: “After much discussion tonight at the club we regret that the Sand Races, planned for September 19th, will have to be cancelled.

Despite a late flurry of entries the numbers simply are not enough to run a decent programme, and were at the point where the KDMC would be losing too much financially with permits, medical cover and trophies, without even considering prize money.

We have no income from spectators so we need to cover costs from entry fees and sponsorship of races, and with such a low entry this would simply be unviable.

To put on no show is better than a poor show, for riders especially and for the viewing public.

I’d like to pass on my thanks to those riders who put forward their entries and did much to raise support, especially Mark Dempsey, and to all who offered to help out at the event with their time and loan of equipment.

It’s a disappointment for the club, the trophy sponsors and those local motorcycle dealerships who do much to help us throughout the year.

With three other offroad events planned for the same weekend it’s understandable that riders would choose to attend season long championships, and unfortunate that our planned event date is determined by the tidal conditions which dictate when we can race.

A closer working relationship with the differing sporting bodies would help prevent such date clashes.”