Kirkcaldy set to get its own Comic Con

Comic cons are growing in popularity.
Comic cons are growing in popularity.

Kirkcaldy is to get its own comic convention, after a run of similar events elsewhere in Fife brought crowds to the area.

Kirkcaldy Comic Con is set to land in town later this summer.

The event will see comic, sci-fi and fantasy fans flock to the Adam Smith Theatre, along with cosplay enthusiasts showing off their outfits.

The man behind the event is Andrew Magee of Kingdom Comics and Games, which is based in the Olympia Arcade.

With comic cons launching in towns across Scotland, there’s no doubt they’re growing in popularity.

“It’s a combination of things,” said Andrew. “The books are better than they’ve ever been, and they appeal to a wider audience.

“A huge thing as well obviously is the success of the movies, like Marvel and other comic book-related movies are dominating right now.

“Part of it as well is Geek Culture, and it’s just much more widely accepted than it was even ten years ago.

“People don’t mind saying that they’re fans of comic any more. People are happy to read them on buses and things like that. There’s a social acceptance that there wasn’t before.”

With events already proving a hit in Dunfermline and Glenrothes, Andrew says Kirkcaldy is more than capable of supporting its own event.

“They’re popping up all over the place, larger and smaller towns, so Kirkcaldy can handle it,” he said.

“We’re going to have dozens of tables of vendors, artists, cosplayers and things like that.”

Andrew is keen to make the event accessible by keeping prices down, which should also lay the foundation for future events.

“What I’m trying to do in the first year is make it a community event.

“Some places will set up an event and have set up tables for vendors at £85, I’m doing them for £25, and tickets to get in will be £1. I’m looking to make it so as many people as possible are able to come along.

“If we can establish it this year, then hopefully we can look at expanding it next year to bring in more names.”

The event is backed by Kirkcaldy 4 All, and BID Manager Bill Harvey said: “Andrew spoke to us about it last year, and we thought it was a great idea, something different for the town.

“It targets a different audience and hopefully it’ll bring a lot of people in to town, which helpfully benefits the town centre, so we had no hesitation in putting some sponsorship in behind him.

“We wish him every success, and we’re delighted to support initiatives from our local businesses.”

The Kirkcaldy Comic Con will take place on Saturday, August 4, at the Adam Smith Theatre.