Kirkcaldy strip club opens after weeks of protests

Amby Stanyer-Hunter and Marie Penman have very different viewpoints on the matter.
Amby Stanyer-Hunter and Marie Penman have very different viewpoints on the matter.

Fife’s only strip club opens tonight, amid protests and counter protests.

Sin, on Hunter Street in Kirkcaldy, is being opened by Mario Caira and his wife Niki – featuring male and female dancers – and comes after weeks of debate between those for and against.

“I am neither for nor against it. If it is run properly and doesn’t cause any problems in the vicinity then I don’t have a problem with it.”

David Torrance

Common Weal Fife’s petition against the new lapdancing club upstairs from Kitty’s has reached around 300 signatures, while a counter petition in support of the club has gathered around 370.

And it’s even made national news, with anti-Sin campaigner Marie Penman going head to head with stripper and businessman Amby Stanyer-Hunter in a BBC debate.

Some campaigners have claimed that David Torrance supports the opening of the new club, despite having earlier made a statement saying otherwise.

The Common Weal petition calls on Mr Torrance to “reconsider your support for Kirkcaldy strip club”.

The Kirkcaldy MSP previously said he was neither for or against the club, but hoped it would be run responsibly.

The MSP has declined to comment further.

The club has been allowed to open as it already holds an adult entertainment licence, as many establishments in Fife currently do.

Common Weal spokesperson Ellen Fox said of the group’s position: “For us as a group, this is not just about the local impact a club like this will have, but is about how this issue ties in and contributes to the mainstream tolerance of misogyny and sexism today.

“Strip clubs are symptomatic of the uneven balance of power in society.

“As a group, we oppose all forms of exploitation, whether it be gender-based or otherwise.”

Strippers have been among the campaigners to speak up on behalf of the club, saying that those working there are choosing to do so, as they have the right.

The club aims to cater for men and women, with both genders being represented each night it is open.

It is set to open tonight and operate every Thursday to Saturday.