Kirkcaldy teenager in hospital after ecstasy collapse

Victoria Hospital
Victoria Hospital

An 18-year-old man is recovering in Victoria Hospital, Kirkcaldy, after taking a blue coloured ‘ecstasy’ tablet outside a local nightclub in the town.

Police said that, while the tablet itself was not the “mortal kombat” design which has been well publicised recently, the incident emphasised that all controlled drugs, including any design of ecstasy tablet, have the potential of causing significant harm, and potentially death.

Kirkcaldy Community Inspector Dave Latto said: “This young man was extremely lucky in that he was accompanied when he collapsed and medical attention was quickly on the scene, otherwise we could be looking at a tragic scenario where another young life was needlessly wasted and a set of parents had lost their son.

“Whilst we are looking at positive lines of enquiry in relation to how he came to be in possession of this tablet, I would urge anyone with information about any person supplying such drugs to contact Police Scotland on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.”

Mark Steven of Fife Alcohol and Drug Partnership said: “There is no way to accurately predict the effects of illegal drugs on individuals but there is always a risk of serious or life threatening harm, particularly if taken with other substances, including alcohol.

“If you suspect someone may be having a bad reaction or overdose due to substances they have taken, the simple advice is to seek emergency help by calling 999 and asking for an ambulance.”