Kirkcaldy traders denied supermarket parking permit

Parking problems are a long standing issue on Hunter Street
Parking problems are a long standing issue on Hunter Street

Kirkcaldy traders are being denied permits at Tesco’s car park after Fife Council noticed an “anomaly” in their system.

The new rule, which directly affects shopkeepers on Hunter Street, came into force following a local authority review of its season ticket scheme.

Lisa Clarke, owner of Elle Beauty, had recently requested a permit for Tesco’s car park, knowing a neighbouring trader already had one.

“Fife Council said it was stopping it,” she explained.

“It knew that other people had a permit for up there but said after those permits expired they would stop.”

Parking problems are a long standing issue for local traders and customers, yet staff at The Postings enjoy the use of a sizeable car park situated directly behind Hunter Street.

That’s an irony not lost on Lisa Clarke.

She said: “I’ve had the salon here for 15 years and I’ve always been aware of that space. It’s difficult - not just for us but for residents too.

“If you do use Tesco’s car park you have to go up there every two hours and hope you don’t have a £60 fine on your car.”

Tony McRae, lead professional parking and public transport infrastructure management, said because Tesco car park was short stay, permits were not valid there.

“During a recent review of the season tickets it was noted that there was an anomaly and that historically one permit had been issued to a local business owner for the Tesco car park.

‘‘We contacted the person concerned and advised them of this and that once the permit ran out, it wouldn’t be renewed. We also suggested alternative car parks.”

He added:“Fife Council has a season ticket scheme in place to allow regular users of its long stay car parks in Kirkcaldy to buy a three month permit for £120 rather than purchasing a pay and display ticket every day.”

However, Ms Clarke remained unimpressed.

“I find the car park at the swimming pool revolting and I wouldn’t go back in it for love nor money,” she said.

Councillor calls for explanation

Cllr Stuart McPhail said he would take the matter up with Council officers.

He said: “ On the surface it does seem unfair to traders on Hunter Street. There’s no real alternative parking nearby due to parking restrictions and if this is just an arbitrary decision I think its something that needs to be looked at more closely.

He added: “We really, as a Council, need to look at the whole parking situation around Kirkcaldy High Street.”