Kirkcaldy woman’s lucky escape after car mounted pavement at crossing

Sandra Collins at the crossing where she was almost knocked over. Pic: Steve Brown
Sandra Collins at the crossing where she was almost knocked over. Pic: Steve Brown

A traumatised Kirkcaldy grandmother is warning pedestrians to be on their guard when using the four-way crossing outside the Adam Smith Theatre after she was almost run over.

Sandra Collins (71), of Davaar Drive, was walking from the bus station up to the new care home next to Aldi’s supermarket when a car, which she believes was speeding to get through the traffic lights before they changed, mounted the pavement and stopped just inches from her.

I haven’t slept properly since and keep having nightmares

Sandra Collins

And when she started to take down the car’s registration number, it drove off.

She said: “I was so shaken up that I must have taken the number down wrongly, and when I went to the police station to report it they told me that without the number and because I didn’t have anyone with me at the time to corroborate my story, there was nothing they could do.

“There were witnesses who saw it happening and afterwards a lady came up and asked if I was okay. I think I was in shock and just walked on up to the care home for my appointment. They saw I was shaken up, but it didn’t hit me until I got back home. I haven’t slept properly since and keep having nightmares.”

Sandra said the incident happened about 2.15 p.m. as she was waiting to cross from the Esso petrol station to the War Memorial Gardens.

She had just pressed the button for the crossing and was waiting for the green man when she became aware of a car speeding around the corner from in front of the theatre.

“I saw the car out of the corner of my eye and thought ‘Where is he going?’ I instinctively took a step back, and that’s what saved my life. He slammed on his brakes and stopped inches from me and just a foot or so from the wall in front of the garage. Most of the car was on the pavement at an angle, with just the back end sticking out into the road.

“I was shouting that it was a crossing and that he nearly killed me. I told him he shouldn’t be driving and he just apologised. When he saw me taking down his number he drove off. There was a lady in the front passenger’s seat who didn’t say anything.

“I just want to warn other people to be aware of selfish drivers trying to beat the lights at this junction. It was a horrific experience that has left me really wary of crossing the road. I don’t want anyone to be injured or even killed.”

Police appeal for witnesses

Sergeant Jimmy Adamson said: “This incident could have had serious consequences. I’m eager for any witnesses, or anyone with information to come forward.

“I’m particularly keen to speak to the driver of a light-coloured, possibly grey, saloon car described as in his 60s, with short grey hair, wearing glasses and a light-coloured pullover.”

Contact Police Scotland on 101 or Crimestoppers 0800 555 111.