Kirkcaldy woman’s plea to find Good Samaritan

Jean Ashmore is now recovering
Jean Ashmore is now recovering

Were you at or near the Glenwood Centre in Glenrothes around 11.30 a.m. on April 1?

If so, you could be the good samaritan that a woman is looking for.

Jean Ashmore (76), from Kirkcaldy, suffered a heart attack shortly after leaving the Glenwood Salon in Glenrothes after her regular hair appointment.

A passerby found Mrs Ashmore lying unconscious on the pavement outside the nearby Shell garage, and stopped to help her. They then flagged down what they believed at the time to be an ambulance.

It turned out to be a patient transport bus, but the kind-hearted stranger phoned the paramedics and stayed and helped as the driver of the bus administered CPR until the real ambulance arrived.

She was taken to the Victoria Hospital in Kirkcaldy where Mrs Ashmore spent some time in intensive care before being transferred to the cardiac ward once she improved.

After attending the Royal Infirmary in Edinburgh to undergo a heart operation and to be fitted with a pacemaker, she is now back at home and is well on the way to making a full recovery.

Now that she is on the mend, Mrs Ashmore and her daughter, Gill Graham, also from Kirkcaldy, wish to know who it was that helped and to be able to thank them properly.

Gill said: “My mum has been back home for around two weeks now and is getting better, I want to know who the person was that stopped and helped.

“I know that most people might not have done so, but this person did.

‘‘Perhaps they didn’t really think about what they were doing and it might not seem a big thing to them.

“However, they were there for my mum when she needed someone the most and I’m glad that she wasn’t alone, and that means a lot to me and my family.

“It is quite rare to see such a great act of kindness such as this, and I want them to know that I appreciate it.

“I feel that they deserve some sort of recognition and thanks for what they did that day.

“That person played a large part in saving my mum’s life.”

If you are the person who stopped to help Mrs Ashmore, or know who they were, please e-mail or call (01592) 261451.