Kirkcaldy writer launches fundraising appeal to make stage dream a reality

Bee is trying to raise �700 in 30 days. Pic: FPA
Bee is trying to raise �700 in 30 days. Pic: FPA

A Kirkcaldy writer is hoping locals will get behind a new fundraising campaign to realise her ambition of bringing one of her stories to the stage.

Bee Parkinson (23) launched the online appeal earlier this week, and has already raised nearly £200 toward her target of £700.

The Kickstarter campaign will run for 30 days, and Bee is hopeful of lots of support from the local community.

Having previously worked in finance, Bee is now pursuing her dream of becoming a fully fledged playwright, and is keen to move into the arts.

“I feel like I’ve found my home with plays and the theatre,” she said.

She has already written many stories and poems, and it is one of her earlier tales which she hopes to bring to life on the state.

“I actually wrote this story when I was 12 and I was staying with my grandparents when we moved house.

“I’m not really sure where the idea for it came from but I’d always had an active imagination and had always been interested in relgion and things like that.”

The story, which Bee has re-named The Divine Comedy Show for the stage play adaptation, is focussed on good and evil, with a little mythology thrown in too.

“I’m obsessed with Greek mythology and one of the main characters in the play is called Persephone.”

The funding will allow Bee to hire the space needed to cast, rehearse and run the production, as well as work with local artists on set design, visual art work, costume and make up.

Bee, who moved with her family to Kirkcaldy in 2005, attending Kirkcaldy High School, is keen to involve as many local people in her plans as possible.

She has already been in contact with bosses at the town’s Adam Smith Theatre with a view to using the space as a venue should the campaign be a success.

“We’ve already discussed how the play would work there and how many people would fit in the space – it’s great to have the support of a local theatre.

“That’s really important to me and what I hope people see; that this is a local thing for local people.”

For those who choose to support the campaign, Bee has created a few incentives. If someone pledges £5 or more, they will receive a ticket to the show, £15 or more will get you a ticket and a writing class with Bee, right up to £75 which will get you a sneak peek during rehearsals.

The campaign will run until Monday, September 26 and Bee hopes to deliver the show to an audience in January 2017.

If you’d like to support Bee’s plans, just head to her page at