Kirkcaldy youngsters’ film highlights alcohol dangers

A scene from the DVD
A scene from the DVD

A new DVD made by young people from Kirkcaldy YMCA is helping to hightlight the dangers of alcohol abuse to young people in Fife.

‘Festive Spirits’ is the second of two short awareness-raising films made by the Kirkcaldy Young People’s Community Safety Initiative, which was developed through a police project to tackle issues including alcohol and substance misuse.

The group has already made a film about fire safety which has been used to highlight the dangers of wheelie bin fires in schools around Fife, and this latest one will also be used to educate young people.

Funding from the Kirkcaldy area budget, with matched funding from the Big Lottery and Cashback for Communities helped to make the DVD project possible.

‘Festive Spirits’ is a 15-minute film following different groups of people on a night out in Kirkcaldy and its content is based on feedback from young people, youth workers, health workers, police and local licensees.

The project started with ideas being discussed by staff and young people at Kirkcaldy YMCA, who then came up with a script which was sent to the police and fire service for feedback. The final script was agreed by all and the film then produced.

Sergeant Colin Falconer of Fife Community Safety Partnership, said: “This DVD is an effective means of educating the public of the potential dangers that can be associated with alcohol and will assist them in making more informed decisions.”

Laura Crombie, service manager of Clued Up, said: “This is a great resource which will be able to be used by a variety of partners in different settings to help educate not only young people but parents too on the affects and consequences of alcohol misuse.”

Councillor Neil Crooks, chairman of the Kirkcaldy area committee, who attended a preview of the film at Kirkcaldy YMCA, said: “Getting messages to young people through young people is the right thing to do and makes the experience very real.”