Kirkland can’t kick us into touch, say students

Kirkland High School and Community College
Kirkland High School and Community College

A GROUP of Levenmouth residents with a thirst for knowledge have hit out at Fife Council and Kirkland Community College for making them fight to access their favourite adult education classes.

The row erupted after the college, part of Kirkland High School’s community use remit, cancelled a popular woodwork class earlier this month, before hastily reinstating it last week and promising to improve it, following an uproar.

One student, Bob Kerr (73), of Methil, said despite the class being reinstated, he and his classmates were getting fed up of decisions being made without consulting them, adding it was the third time he has had to fight to save a class.

Last year keep fit/swimming was cancelled, as was Spanish – although, like woodwork, it was also eventually reinstated.

Mr Kerr, who has been doing the woodwork class for 14 years, believed it would not have been reinstated had the students not complained to their local councillor.

He added: “This is taking place slowly over time, so we don’t have too much to complain about at any one time.

“There is a bit of ill-feeling running among the class just now.”

Local councillor John O’Brien echoed Mr Kerr’s view and said he had spoken to at least 10 students.

He added: “I am disappointed to hear about the adult education classes that have been stopped for older residents in the community of Kirkland High School.

“These classes are to the benefit of Levenmouth people and must be retained at all cost.”

Ken Keighren, an education officer at Fife Council, explained to the Mail that Kirkland had originally decided to stop the class owing to it not meeting health and safety requirements and not leading to a qualification.

It’s understood Kirkland headteacher Ronnie Ross now plans to employ an additional tutor from Adam Smith College to deliver a National Certificate programme, which is accredited.

It is hoped this will be in place for November.