Knocked back on mediation offer

Lomond Quarry near Leslie
Lomond Quarry near Leslie
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AN offer from Leslie Councillor, Fiona Grant to arrange and mediate a meeting between the Lomond Quarry owners, Skene Group and the residents group opposed to the blasting has be refused, reports NEIL HENDERSON.

The Lomond Quarry Action Group (LQAG) have declined the councillors offer suggesting it is an attempt to deflect attention away from Fife Council’s ‘failings’ to enforce appropriate planning restrictions originally agreed by those at Fife House.

Chair of Lomond Quarry Action Group, Yvonne Duncan said: “We don’t see this offer as mediation, but an attempt to deflect the heat away from Fife Council’s failings to carry out their duty over a long period of time.

“The more questions that the local residents raise legitimately with Fife Council, the more Fife Council appears to either contradict itself or absolve itself of perceived responsibilities.

“With this in mind, it seems more appropriate that a meeting is arranged between Ronnie Hinds, the Chief Executive, and our group.

“Though we are heartened by Councillor Grant’s intervention, we are somewhat sceptical of it’s timing as the residents concerns have been well documented for many months.

“I hope we will see a continued involvement from the Councillor in the future.”

Councillor Grant told the Gazette: “Despite LQAG so far having declined, the offer will remain open as I feel it could give a better understanding to the differing viewpoints, which can only be helpful.

“Only on having become aware that there were residents concerns that were being left unanswered did I feel the need to see that procedures and guidelines are being correctly followed in what is a very long and complex history concerning the quarry.”

Glenrothes and Central Fife MP, Lindsay Roy has requested a meeting Fife Council’s Chief Executive, Ronnie Hinds on several occasions, going back as far back as June last year.

He finally met with Council officials last week to discuss a range of concerns on behalf or residents.

He said: “I had a constructive meeting with Jim Birrell and highlighted many of the outstanding issues concerning local residents.

“Mr Birrell will now report back to the Chief Executive and I will now write to outline the key areas requiring future discussion. It is clear that there needs to be a competent system in place to ensure that the various complaints made by a genuinely concerned public are dealt with promptly and correctly by those at Fife House.”

Many residents are unhappy at Council officials apparent non-enforcement and over-ruling of legislation put in place by democratically elected members.