Knocking on doors paid off for first-time councillor

He may have been the final candidate to be selected locally, but Alistair Cameron helped to deliver a one-two for Labour in Kirkcaldy central.

Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 4:40 pm
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 8:31 pm
Cllr Alistair Cameron  (Pic:- Fife Photo Agency)
Cllr Alistair Cameron (Pic:- Fife Photo Agency)

He topped the first preference votes to join Judy Hamilton as the party held on to both its seats in the ward.

After a lifetime in business, he now joins the ranks of new faces at Fife House.

Alistair, who launched ACA Sports in the High street, Kirkcaldy, some 17 years ago, is looking forward to the challenge – after getting over the shock of election after a whirlwind campaign.

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He put his success down to old -fashioned door knocking – and a strong focus on local issues.

‘’I was completely knocked out at the result,’’ he said. ‘Working on the doors paid off. I decided the only way was to really go for it – we were out every night speaking to people, listening to their views and getting a real sense of what was important to them.

‘’It was important to get a feel for what people thought on local issues.

‘’In those five and a half weeks I learned so much about the area and the people – it was fascinating; something I will never forget.

‘’I stuck with what I know best and that was local issues.

‘’But It was also clear people were voting Tory, and there was also a real negative attitude towards a second independence referendum – not the SNP, but the referendum.

‘’We also had a lot of great feedback. It’s often easy to criticise the council, but we really didn’t get a lot of negative comments, and that’s credit to the work done by Labour and people like Neil Crooks and Judy.’’

Alistair’s role in the community has spanned a number of organisations including Maggie’s Fife, commercial manager at Fife Flyers, and, along with this newspaper, he is one of the founders of Raith’s Hall of Fame. He is also chairman of Kirkcaldy & Central Fife Sports Council and a board member of Kirkcaldy4All.