Labour make Melanie their election choice for Glenrothes

Melanie Ward (centre)
Melanie Ward (centre)

Labour Party members in constituency of Glenrothes and Central Fife have chosen their candidate to fight next year’s General Election.

Melanie Ward, a London-based charity worker was chosen as the preferred candidate following a lively meeting of the Constituency Labour Party at the Lomond Centre, Glenrothes on Friday evening.

The 33-year-old polled 62 of the 120 votes beating fellow hopefuls Julie MacDougall, who works in MP Lindsay Roy’s constituency office and got 34 votes, and Glenrothes Councillor and Depute Provost, Kay Morrison, who polled 24 votes.

She will stand in place of Mr Roy who is retiring at the next election.

“I am hugely honoured to have been selected by so many local members to be the next Labour candidate. It’s also a great responsibility,” she told the Gazette afterwards.

She added: “I’m in the process of making our constituency my permanent home and will be fighting day in, day out, for a bright future for local people, decent and secure jobs, a living wage and an end to zero hours contracts.

“We need urgent action to tackle unemployment.”

Miss Ward currently works for anti-poverty charity ActionAid and, before that, Christian Aid. She originally comes from the west coast of Scotland and has been at the forefront of recent campaigns against corporate tax dodging.

The selection process has caused a storm of controversy among local Labour members since it was declared that only an all-female candidate list would be considered.