Lammas rolls in but it’s not all the fun of the fair for some

Scotland’s oldest street fair - the Lammas Market - rolled into St Andrews at the end of last week delighting many with its range of fun fair rides, stalls and other attractions.

The smaller fair in Market Street and Church Street is the precursor to the main event - the larger fun fair rides which takes up almost the entire length of South Street today (Monday) and tomorrow.

The poster in the window of Moshulu, Market Street, St Andrews

The poster in the window of Moshulu, Market Street, St Andrews

But while many people enjoyed attractions including traditional waltzer rides and dodgems plus a new ‘strength test, one local shopkeeper has expressed outrage over the effect a burger stall has been having on business and her own health.

Joanne Imrie, manager of Moshulu show shop in Market Street, said she was so sickened by the smell of fat and grease coming from the continental market burger stall directly opposite her shopdoorway, she put a sign up telling customers that the shop was still open but the door would be closed due to a “bad smell”.

She told the Citizen, “I have been the manager here for ten years and in all that time I have never had a burger stall right opposite us. The stall has a fan which is blowing the smell towards the shop and it’s disgusting and many customers were commenting on how our shop and shoes were smelling like grease and fried onions. As a vegetarian it makes me feel sick anyway and I’ve been through quite a few tins of air freshener trying to get rid of it.”

Ms Imrie added: “I’ve had to ask people not to sit on the windowsills to eat burgers and the pavement is covered in thick black grease. Other shop owners have also closed their doors and have said the smell is pretty bad in their shops but worse in here. It was hot on Saturday but the smell was so bad we couldn’t open the door to get any fresh air. I was sick and both my colleague and I had headaches all day long.

“I spoke to the market inspector but that was pointless and the shop’s owner, June Swan who’s based in Kelso, has been trying to contact Fife Council from the end of last week but with no success.”

Keith Jackson, Fife Council’s parks and community events officer, said the market was going very well and he had received no complaints from shops relating to smells from the continental market other than Moshulu.

“I visited the shop this morning and noted her complaint. There will be no hot food venue outside this shop in future years.”

Mr Jackson added: “One of the lorries broke down on its way to South Street this morning so that caused a slight setback but otherwise the market is going well and the weather is looking good so we expect to have lots of visitors today and tomorrow.”