Land doubts eased over hospital houses

PLANS to build new homes on the site of Forth Park Hospital are still on course - despite concerns over who owns the land.

The assurance came after it emerged the land was donated - and that may have raised possible legal issues.

But this week NHS Fife said the housing plans will not be affected.

Concerns were raised because the mansion house at Forth Park was originally donated to the hospital around 1930.

It emerged the house, and the surrounding grounds, were gifted by Mrs R. Wemyss Honeyman, the daughter of linoleum boss John Nairn, the original buyer of the land.

Kirkcaldy Civic Society raised its concerns, saying if the mansion was donated for common good, then money for that would be ring-fenced, and that could make the development process more difficult.

Chairman Ann Watters said: “I know NHS Fife is saying there are no issues but I do wonder if it was leasing the land given over by Mrs Wemyss Honeyman.

‘‘The house was further damaged inside by fire about two years ago, but it would make lovely flats.

‘‘ I do think, however, the board may be a bit premature as there’s no desire for anybody to buy the many flats which are empty in the town at the moment.”

An NHS spokesman said: “The issue of ‘common good’ in relation to the mansion house was raised at a public consultation event in June, prior to the planning application for the potential redevelopment of the site.

‘‘The matter was investigated at that time and we understand there are no issues that should affect the planning application.”

The bid has already been slowed down by Kirkcaldy councillors.

Last week when they said a consultation that took place between contractors Drivers Jonas Deloitte and nearby residents was poorly thought out and not informative enough.