Land owner builds barrier to stop tipping

Flytipping at Milldean Woods
Flytipping at Milldean Woods

The owner of the Milldeans Wood site, on the road between Kennoway and Freuchie, has erected a barrier in a bid to stop people from illegally dumping rubbish on the land.

Andrew Cook Ltd, based at Scoonie Park in Leven, placed the barrier at the entrance to the wood at the beginning of last week as a last ditch attempt to end the problem once and for all.

The Mail reported in October that the problem had become progressively worse in that area, with a full caravan dumped just weeks ago.

Andrew Cook Ltd has now cleared the whole area, installing the barrier at such a position so that cars and vans cannot pull up to the site to dump rubbish.

Mr Cook told the Mail: “It’s quite obvious why we have had to install the barrier now - we’re trying to keep people out because we’ve had several coming along to dump rubbish, especially since the clearing of the wood finished - they just treat it like a tip.

“This is very unacceptable and we’ve had to do this to keep them out.

“The Drummie Woods gate will also be closed, and any other routes in will be blocked because that’s the only way to stop them.

“We’ve tried to do our best to keep this area tidy but we just keep getting this problem. We had to do something positive.

“We had put trees at the entrance, but they just moved them. But I don’t think they’ll be moving this barrier.”