Lanterns either side of Forth for a little boy

A toddler lays a floral tribute to Mikaeel outside the house in Dunvegan Avenue
A toddler lays a floral tribute to Mikaeel outside the house in Dunvegan Avenue

Over 1000 people are expected to converge on the shoreline on both sides of the Forth tomorrow night (Friday) in a poignant tribute to tragic youngster Mikaeel Kular.

The ‘Send off for Mikaeel’ event has been organised by Cardenden woman Cara Cameron and her friend Hayley Clements who lives in Edinburgh.

It will take place tomorrow (Friday) from 6.30 p.m. at Ravenscraig beach in Kirkcaldy and Cramond in Edinburgh, to mark the two places where little Mikaeel lived during his short life.

His body was discovered in woodland behind his former home in Kirkcaldy’s Dunvegan Avenue on Friday night around midnight.

Speaking to the Press this week, Cara (28), from Bowhill View in Cardenden, said she had been moved by the tragedy.

“At first when I heard what had happened I was gobsmacked, like most people,” she explained.

“I have a three-year-old myself and it just really got to me that something like this could happen.

‘‘After speaking to friends with children we thought it would be nice to organise a wee farewell event to show that we care.

“I was thinking what would be fitting for a three-year-old and I thought they love colourful lanterns and balloons, so that would be a nice thing to do in his memory.

‘‘We were also thinking of where to have it.

‘‘Dunvegan Avenue wasn’t really suitable with the trees, as well as all the hassle people there have already had to put up with, so we thought it would be best to have it at the beach.

“I was in touch with my friend Hayley in Edinburgh and we thought it would be a good idea for us to have a joint event, covering both sides of the Forth as he lived in both places.

‘‘Also, it would be good for people to unite and show their respect from both communities, and we decided that Ravenscraig and Cramond would be ideal.

“People from Rabbit Braes wanted to do something too and they have been involved in this.’’

Support has flooded in since a Facebook page was set up with hundreds saying they will attend.

‘‘We had a bit of negative feedback from people saying we were just doing it to put ourselves in the limelight - that couldn’t be further from the truth.

‘‘We have had over 500 people saying they intend to come along.

“It is all about bringing the community together and remembering a little boy who grew up among us all.”

A police spokesman said; “The Kirkcaldy event is not an authorised one as Fife Council don’t know about it. We are not responsible for granting permission for events such as this -it is down to the Council.

“The police are asking that, where possible, people attending do not bring cars, and if they do to show consideration as to where they park.”