Largoward’s Lynsey will be going from lattes to lions

Lynsey Mitchell
Lynsey Mitchell

Lynsey Mitchell will soon be swapping coffee machines and scones for the plains of Africa and lions.

Three years ago, the Largoward youngster volunteered at Johannesburg’s Lion Park – and was smitten.

“Ever since I first volunteered at the Lion Park, I have known exactly what my dream job looked like,” she said. “I returned for another stint at the park in 2013 and my already huge passion for these animals just grew and grew. It was literally the best time of my life at my favourite place in the world.”

Now that dream is about to become reality.

“In the new year I’ll be going to Florida for a three-month internship at Big Cat Rescue,” Lynsey explained. “From there, I’m going back to South Africa and my favourite place for a full-time job.”

At the park, Lynsey will be working closely with the lions, caring for cubs from six-weeks old as well as the older animals.

She will also be dealing with the tourists who visit Johannesburg – and she has been training for that part of her new role by working in lively St Andrews coffee shop, Zest.

The Fife Youth Job Contract is a Fife Council-backed programme to tackl high levels of unemployment in the 16-24-year-old age group.