Last orders called in Burntisland as Silver Tassie shuts its doors

Silver Tassie
Silver Tassie

A well-loved pub in Burntisland has been forced to close its doors after running into financial difficulties.

The Silver Tassie pub on the High Street, owned by general manager Melanie Cameron and her partner Don since 2008, officially closed on June 11.

A message posted on the bar’s Facebook page stated: “We are closed ...thanks to everyone that has supported us over the years”.

It also featured a detailed explanation of the challenges the business had faced as it tried to keep its doors open for its regulars in the town.

However, it said they were faced with a large number of bills to pay, and they had no other choice but to close the pub.

The statement, posted on social media, said due to the financial situation, putting the business on the market wasn’t an option.

As a result of the doors closing, nine members of staff are now faced with unemployment.

It is yet unclear on whether the pub will re-open in the future or finds a new use under new owners.

The popular venue had been a well-known fixture on Burntisland High Street in the town for over 40 years and played a large part in community life.

It hosted a number of popular events over the years including free jukebox nights, karaoke and domino dances.

It also raised money for a number of charities in the area by holding fundraising events.

Alex MacDonald, chairman of Burntisland Community Council, said: “The town went through a bit of a bad patch a few years ago with many businesses closing down and we were left with a lot of vacant shops.

“However, many new businesses have opened up more recently and they have brought life again to the area.

“It is very sad to see such a long standing business close down.

“The Silver Tassie pub had been a fixture on the High Street for many years.

“I would like to think that there will be a new venture for the premises whether that would be a pub again or something completely different. I’d hate to see it stand vacant for too long.”

Councillor George Kay added: “It is always sad to hear that a business has closed down on the High Street in Burntisland.”

At the time of going to press, the Silver Tassie owners had declined to comment.