Launch of new 2B Heard website at annual event in Fife

The audience at the event where the 2B Heard website was launched.
The audience at the event where the 2B Heard website was launched.

Fife College hosted Fife Council’s annual Corporate Parent’s event recently where they celebrated the launch of a new website designed for young people who have experience of being in care.

The event was held at the College’s St Brycedale Campus in Kirkcaldy during National Care-Leavers Week which showcased the new 2B Heard website, and also the work that 2B Heard has been taking forward with Fife’s Corporate Parenting Board.

Corporate Parenting is the formal partnership between all public bodies responsible for young people to work together to meet the needs of care experienced young people, This allows them to have the same opportunities in life as everyone else.

2B Heard is a forum for children and young people from Fife who have had experience of being in care. Providing an opportunity for them to have their views heard and acted upon, enabling them to meet new people, have fun and build confidence.

At the event, eight young people gave presentations that not only captured their bravery and strength, but also conveyed their enthusiasm and commitment to making a difference for young people across Fife.

Fife College is currently working with all public service bodies to support their three year Corporate Parent Plan. The College receives approximately 100 applicants per year from students who disclosed care-experience on their application form.

The objective of the plan is to increase understanding and awareness of the types of support care experienced children and young people need to enable them to undertake courses and training successfully.

Jonathan Staal, curriculum manager for Student Services at Fife College, said: “Congratulations to 2B Heard on their great new website and their continued work with care experienced young people.”

“Fife College is delighted to move forward with the commitment to care experienced young people and it is great to see other public service bodies supporting us to do so.”

Fife College has created a Corporate Parent Board to ensure the commitment to care-experienced students is realised.

They believe accurate statistics on their applications, retention and progression will help support positive changes.

Cllr William Campbell, chairman of Fife Council’s Corporate Parent Board was delighted with the success of the event and the positive feedback 2B Heard has received regarding their new website.

Cllr Campbell said: “It was a very lively event and the young people presented themselves extremely well. We are very proud of them and they should be proud of themselves. The audience got involved asking questions and raising points about how services and agencies can be improved to ensure Fife can provide the best care journey possible. “The Corporate Parent Board has benefited immensely from inviting young people to not only give feedback but sit on it as equal members, as partners in improving outcomes for Fife’s Care Experienced.”