Leading a merry dance

Dancers from Sarah Hendry dance school perform at the Edinburgh Tattoo
Dancers from Sarah Hendry dance school perform at the Edinburgh Tattoo

Five dancers are helping to captivate a global TV audience of over 100 million viewers as they take part in the famous Edinburgh Tattoo.

The girls, who are all members of the Sarah Henry Dance School in Glenrothes were selected to perform in the month-long show having been chosen from several thousand hopefuls.

The dancers have a gruelling and physically demanding dance schedule with performances every day and culminating in two spectacular shows on the Saturday.

It’s the fourth year running that local teenager Amy Dallas (19) has been involved in the traditional festival, while for 18-year-old Danielle Law and Carly Johnston (17), it was their second successive year involved.

But for Kirsty Stewart (20) and youngster Amber Braid, who is just 14-years-old, it was a dream come true as they take part for the very first time.

Amber is the youngest involved in this year’s Tattoo and her involvement has certainly made everyone in her family very proud.

“We were delighted for Amber when we received confirmation that she had been selected and in the months leading up to the start of the festival Amber and her fellow dancers have been training non-stop so they can meet the demands of taking part”, explained dad Michael.

“Everyone involved is working extremely hard but she is certainly enjoying every minute of it too.

“The first week the girls were starting at seven in the morning and not finishing until two the following morning so it’s incredibly demanding.

“But every day she rings up telling us of the new friends she’s made from far flung places in the world like New Zealand, Mongolia, Japan, Mexico and Canada, it’s a great experience for all the girls to be involved in”, he added.

And Michael said a lot of what the girls had achieved was down to the staff at the Sarah Hendry school who he said had been very supportive.

And taking part in the prestigious Tattoo is just the latest achievement for local girl Amber, in November she travels to Paris to take part in a week of celebrations involving Scottish culture at the Euro Disney resort.

“The world’s her oyster as if she continues to progress with dancing she can follow in the foosteps of her friends and fellow dancers Amy and Danielle who have both been asked to perform in similar festivals in Japan in the last couple of years”, said Michael.

The dancers continue at the Edinburgh Tattoo until the end of August.