leave our park alone!

Best4Burntisland group members at the town's Toll Park
Best4Burntisland group members at the town's Toll Park

if councillors and officials thought they’d heard the end of the new Burntisland Primary school saga, then they were mistaken.

A new action group, Best4Burntisland, has been set up to try to force a rethink on plans to build on the town’s Toll Park.

And its 17 members, who all feel strongly that the wrong decision has been made and that other, more suitable sites are available, are urging people who feel the same way to make their voices heard when outline plans come before the council’s planners in the near future.

It is also calling for an independent re-evaluation of the choice of location for a new primary school which it claims would be better at either the Roundhouse car park next to the Beacon Leisure Centre or at Seamill.

It is planning to send out thousands of leaflets to every household in the town explaining its position and urging like-minded people to object to the planning application when it is lodged.

The group believes that neither of the two alternative sites were properly investigated, saying “the council made its choice of site before any assessment process was carried out and it looks as though it started with the answer and worked its way back from that.”

Bob Smith, who is vice chairman of Burntisland Community Council, and a member of the newly formed group, said: “The Toll Park is a greenfield site, protected open space, which is widely used by the community. Sixty per cent of it is common good land for the use of the town, with the other 40 per cent part of the Widow’s Trust, both which are administered by the Council which is just doing what it wants with the land.

“Both the other two sites are brownfield sites on old industrial land which would be much better and more viable, as well as much quieter and better for traffic access.”

In a statement issued to the Press the group added: “It is now clear that there will be additional costs due to ground quality, land stability and traffic issues. A decision that will impact on this town for the next 100 years is being taken. It is not too late to make sure that the location selected for a new school is the best for Burntisland.”

For more information on the group, contact the chairman Ian McKenzie on 07790 239833.