Lee Murray’s Bayview vision slips out of focus

Lee Murray
Lee Murray

Plans to host a Hogmanay bash at Bayview Stadium look to have gone up in smoke with the resignation of Lee Murray as chairman of East Fife Football Club.

And a Hall of Fame celebration, due to take place in just two weeks’ time, has now been postponed because of Mr Murray’s departure.

He announced the news last Tuesday, claiming the majority shareholders did not share his future vision for the club, and has now confirmed that unless something changes, his plans for a December 31 event - alongwith his involvment in the creation of a community sports hub at Bayview - will no longer be going ahead.

Speaking to the Mail last week, Mr Murray said he was “extremely disappointed” that things had not worked out.

He said: “I am afraid at this time all the stuff I was working on at the club has stalled.

“Unless a solution can be found in the next week or so all my plans will be over, in effect.”

Mr Murray announced his plans for the Hogmanay event only three weeks ago and in just a few days, the response was overwhelming with a number of local residents getting in touch to voice their support for the celebration which would have catered to over 3000 people.

Mr Murray had already been in talks with Big Country and The View about making an appearance on the night, and had plans to provide a platform for local talent also.

As well as proposals for a New Year celebration, Mr Murray was also involved in plans to create a community sports hub at the stadium, as well as the Hall of Fame event, which had been due to take place on August 30.

The East Fife Supporters Trust had been working on the event with Mr Murray, who was providing much of the facilities and services.

But following his resignation, there was uncertainty regarding the event, which has now been postponed. A representative for the Trust said: “The Trust will be working to ensure that the event will go ahead as soon as possible.

“All ticket monies will be refunded from either the Trust direct or from the EFFC office.”