Legal high thug went on bizarre rampage

Kirkcaldy Sheriff Court    Pic: Neil Hanna
Kirkcaldy Sheriff Court Pic: Neil Hanna

A legal high-crazed thug launched a violent bite attack on a man who tried to stop him closing a main road - by littering it with rubbish bins and traffic cones.

David Lawson was spotted dragging objects into the middle of the A912, in Falkland, by passer-by Kyle Shepherd.

Mr Shepherd tried to calm Lawson down and get him off the road.

But Lawson instead attacked - shoving Mr Shepherd to the ground and grabbing him by the face.

Fiscal depute Matthew Kerr told Dundee Sheriff Court: “Other witnesses ran over but by that time the complainer had managed to free himself from the accused’s grip and restrained him to the ground.

“Whilst doing this the accused bit the complainer on the body to his injury.”

Lawson (21) of East Burnside, Cupar, pleaded guilty to a charge of assault to injury committed on October 10, 2015 in Pleasance, Falkland.

Defence solicitor Katrina Clark said: “He was taking legal highs and he knows he has to stay away from them.

“He was acting very strangely and putting items in to the road and reacted badly when others tried to intervene.”

Sheriff Lorna Drummond QC ordered Lawson to pay Mr Shepherd £400 in compensation.

She said: “This was at a time when you were taking legal highs - none of that is a justification for behaving in that manner.”