Leslie floral displays land Susan top town accolade

Kay Morrison Deputy Provost hands over the Citizen of the Year award to Susan
Kay Morrison Deputy Provost hands over the Citizen of the Year award to Susan

Her floral displays have brought delight to many and accolades for the town and now her years of dedication have been recognised too.

For Leslie Community Council have hailed Susan Walker’s efforts ‘blooming marvellous’, and made her the town’s citizen of the year.

For years Susan has been the inspiration and driver for the floral displays around the town, and also instrumental in Leslie winning many of the recent awards.

Jan Wincott, Leslie Community Council chairman, told the Gazette Leslie’s dedication had made her a worthy recipient of the award.

She added: “I know that many of the residents of Leslie really appreciate the effect that the floral displays have on the town, and Susan has been the unsung hero behind the scenes.”

“Leslie is fortunate in having so many people that do such good work around the town, and this year I am delighted that Susan has picked up this important award.

“I think this is an excellent example of community spirit working for the good of the town and making Leslie a better place for everyone.

“This is a thank you from us all for the effort that Susan has put in.”

Susan, the fourth recipient of the award, said she was stunned when first told that she would be receiving the Leslie Citizen of the Year award.

Kay Morrison, Depute Provost said it was a just reward for Susan’s efforts over many years to keep Leslie blooming.

She added: “Susan’s efforts have had a massive positive effect on the town and her floral displays and hanging baskets are admired by everyone who either lives or visits Leslie.

“It was a pleasure to present the award and give her my personal thanks and best wishes, she deserves this recognition.”