Leslie nursery makes construction plea for nostalgia

Staff and pupils at celebrate Leslie Nursery 50th Anniversary
Staff and pupils at celebrate Leslie Nursery 50th Anniversary

Leslie Nursery recently turned 50 and staff are now looking for anyone who helped lay its foundations, literally, to get in touch, reports KEVIN QUINN.

On 7 January the town’s nursery turned 50, although nobody was there to celebrate as it was closed for the festive period.

The nursery’s early years officer Lorraine Chilman made an appeal for anyone involved in the nursery’s construction in the early sixties to get in contact, and explained that celebrations will be held off for now until things calm down.

She said: “Our first day back was the 10th, we didn’t do anything at all to celebrate. We had a new in-take of children so it was to difficult to do anything on the day.

“We are going to wait until into February, let it settle down and the let the children settle in to life here.

“We have no idea who built it or how long it took.

“But if there were apprentices working on it they will be in their late sixties, early seventies maybe.

“If they helped to build the nursery we would like them to get in touch.

“Maybe even people in their eighties now were involved back in the early 1960s.

“I also don’t know if it was a local company involved in building the nursery or not.

“If anyone has any information or was involved, please get in touch.”

Lorraine explained that the nursery’s real celebration will take place in May and she thanked locals for their continued support of the town’s nursery.

She added: “The children from the primary school have all written their favourite memories of their time here and we hope to have a display of that on the first of May.

“We haven’t received any memorabilia really, we had a couple of photographs dropped in that we have photocopied.

“If people have anything at all please pass it on to us, that would be great.

“On 30 January we are going to launch our plaque competition.

“We are going to have an A4 piece of paper and ask the children to draw a picture, the best one will be on a plaque in our 50th anniversary garden.

“We are hoping to invite all the former staff, we are going to send the invitations out very soon.

“We have also had very generous donations from local shops and businesses, we are going to sell raffle tickets soon for that.

“And the staff were very pleased with how parents supported our fund-raisers.

“We had a Christmas Concert, a tombola and a raffle, raising money for the nursery funds.”