Leslie quarry blasts caught us on back foot ...

Lomond Quarry
Lomond Quarry

Councillors voiced their frustrations this week at the lack of progress on efforts to monitor the impact of blasting at the Lomond Quarry in Leslie.

It came after complaints from residents over blasting last Monday.

The long-suffering locals hit out at the noise of the blasts.

A report prepared for Fife Council’s Glenrothes area committee detailed the work carried out on matters of concern that have been raised, and they were picked up by local councillor, John Wincott.

The representative for Leslie said the noise of recent blasts had sparked concern in the village.

He said: “The Council should be carrying out random noise level tests but there is no record of this being done.

“We agreed to monitor all quarry blasts, but on Monday we did not – and then we find out that the other monitor didn’t either.

“So we are left with the situation where the company that carries out the blast is also the monitor.

“Residents were given a reassurance about the monitoring and that is not happening. I read through this report and it deeply concerns me the lack of progress.

“Residents keep raising issues and the answer always seems to be “we will look into it.’’

‘‘Some of these issues are really simple.

“I am very disappointed with the progress.”

Jim Birrell, senior manager, development and buildings, said: “We were caught on the wrong foot on Monday, there is no denying that.

“There was a blast, and I got two phone calls from residents who have never got in touch before to say they weren’t happy.

“I found out our own machine to monitor the blast was being recalibrated but we could have hired another machine.

“I apologise for that.”

In October last year, the quarry operator refused to attend a liaison committee meeting citing the “unreasonable behaviour” of a committee member for its decision.

The firm was also unhappy with the public comments of a Fife councillor who questioned the decision to grant the quarry planning consent.

Neil Skene of the Skene group said the company intended to keep in touch with the liaison committee by email.