Leslie speeding issues debated

FIFE police are conducting speed surveys in the Leslie area near Glenrothes to establish a pattern of traffic using Leslie High Street.

The move follows two serious accidents including the death of 20-year-old Stephen McCann in a hit-and-run incident in January.

Fife Constabulary met with Fife Council officials and the chair of Leslie Community Council, John Wincott to discuss the issues of road safety in the town.

One of the points taken away from the meeting was to monitor the effect of raising the pedestrian crossing in Douglas Road to see what impact that has on pedestrian safety, with a possible view to similarly raising the crossing on the High Street.

Mr Wincott said ‘lessons had to be learned’ and added: “However, this has to be tempered by the need to avoid knee-jerk reactions before all of the facts are known, I’ll be working closely with Fife Council to ensure that the necessary effort is in place to provide the information we need.”