Lessons need to be learned over planning issues

Cllr Vettraino said officers needed to do more than just the statutory minimum. Pic: FPA
Cllr Vettraino said officers needed to do more than just the statutory minimum. Pic: FPA

Planning officers have been told lessons need to be learned and they must do more to consult when dealing with sensitive housing proposals.

That was the view of Central Area Planning Committee following the approval of controversial plans to redevelop a former council office complex in Pitteuchar.

Councillors have given the go-ahead for 11 dwellings on the site despite widespread initial opposition from local residents.

Councillor Ross Vettraino told officers: “Lessons must be learned when we look at how this proposal was handled and how we informed the public.”

He added: “We have to do more than the just meet the statutory minimum requirements. The public have a right to be kept informed about any plans that will affect them.”

Fellow Glenrothes councillor Altany Craig said more must be done to make the public aware of propoasals.

He said: “Informing everyone within 20 metres of the proposed site simply is not enough - all residents in Tantallon Avenue, Altyre Court and those in the immediate vicinity should have been informed.

“This proposal may not have represented a major development for officers, but it was major for those residents affected by the changes and we must respect that.”

Cllr Vettraino added that he was surprised to learn that only ten letters of objection had been received.

“When the development was first proposed there was a significant community response against the proposal, “ said Mr Vettraino.

“It may be that all the 210 signatories to the petition in objection thought there was no need for individual objections to be made.

“It would have been best if the petition had been submitted to the Glenrothes Area committee and I was disappointed to learn that it had been decided not to do so.”